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Project Overview

 I participated in a quarter-long Design Project at UW Bothell in which me and my group took on the challenge of creating an empathetic experience for the Woodland Park Zoo

Role                  Team               Duration              Deliverables

Lead UI & UX Design

Evelyn, Robert, Elliot, Bryan, Eden, Vlad

September - December , 2021

Prototype & Research PowerPoint 

Design Steps Rundown

  User Research                Flow Chart             Competitive Analysis           Personas  

             Mood Board                Mockup & Sketches              Prototype

User Research

woodland park zoo logo.png


How can we design a product which will allow visitors to naturally empathize with the animals at Woodland Park Zoo? Furthermore, how can we humanize less popular animals?


Develop an online interactive visual narrative to incentivize empathy building through storytelling. Instead of identifying the animals solely as "animals" readers will have an easier time empathizing through the narrative humanization of animals.

Flow Chart


Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis.JPG


User Research Take-Aways

  1. A large majority of the household animals people have nowadays (dogs, cats, etc.) evolved humanistic traits & methods of expressing emotion. Hence are more effective at buildings bonds & empathy  

  2. Taking the "sad puppy dog eyes" route is more likely to result in sympathy. 

  3. Victimizing animals who suffer from habitat loss due to humans in our narrative would paint humanity in a bad light. Empathy is a positive emotion and as such should be done through a optimistic narrative

  4. Interaction is essential to hold attention & give readers the sense of "being part of the story/experience"


Mood Board


UI Design

Arrow Sign EDIT.png


How do we incorporate interaction into a narrative for empathy? How can we humanize non-household animals with limited ability to show expression? What is our method in grabbing attention of people to read the narrative? 


By granting the reader the ability to move around the narrative, individuals will be able to explore the scene & gain a better picture of setting. Humanization of animals is possible through body language and by cartoonifying expressions. Utilize the popularity of social media to market the narrative via ad.

Mock Up & Sketches



The following is a working prototype of the narrative, please listen to audio as you explore Gannar's story for the full experience.

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