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Project Overview

I participated in a 2 week Design Sprint in my 351 IMD class at UW Bothell in which my group and I tackled the challenge of motivating middle-aged women to explore & exercise

 Role                  Team                Duration              Deliverables

User Reacher & UX Design

 Katarina, Christine, Vlad, Eden, Ciera

November 5 - November 24, 2020

      High Fidelity Mockup

     User Research                Persona                Storyboard & User Scenario             

                                                               MoodBoard           UI Flowchart            Logo & Branding           High Fidelity Mockup        

User Research


How can we design a product which will motivate women 45+ to go outside & explore. What are some precautions we should take when designing this product?


Design an app tailored towards gardening & park exploration. Take the gamify approach and make flowers/plants collectable for a "digital garden."


Lean UX Canvas

Lean UX Canvas Blossom.jpg


Storyboard & User Scenario

Storyboard & Scenario (2).jpg

UI Design

Screenshot (94).png


How do we create an accessible & appealing UI design for our target demographic? What is our visual focus for the app & how do we get them to spend more time exploring/exercising than looking at the app. 


Incorporate the camera into our app to motivate flower/plant searching over browsing app. Focus on a soft color scheme to ease eye strain and use contrasting colors for important UI.  

Mood Board


UI Flowchart & Color Guide

Flow Chart for UI.jpg

Logo & Branding

Branding (2).png
Branding (1).png

High Fidelity Mockup

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