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Project Overview

I participated in a 2 week Design Sprint in my 351 IMD class at UW Bothell in which me and my group tackled the issue of uninformed & new parents on the topic of children

Role                  Team               Duration              Deliverables

Lead UI & UX Design

Vlad, Alex, Tom, Daniel

November 28 - December 15, 2020

      High Fidelity Mockup

User Research               Persona                Competitive Analysis             

                                                            MoodBoard            Wireframes           Low Fidelity Mockup           High Fidelity Mockup        

User Research



How can we design a product which can teach inexperienced parents whether new or old how to properly take care of their children. What are some possible parental problems they might face? 


Design a website directly tailored towards parenting & their possible issues. Have resources readily available on the site such as doctors & reliable 

Lean UX Canvas

Lean Canvas Snooze.png


Screenshot (71).png

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis Snooze.png

UI Design



How do we incorporate inclusive UI design to give all teachers a comfortable user experience. Along with encourage them to continue using our app to communicate.


Minimize navigation to avoid information overload by loading the planning screen immediately after logging in. Have the calendar visually display planned dates, unplanned & possible overlapping assignments. Utilize soft colors along with green to symbolize growth.

Mood Board



Low Fidelity Mockup

Scrapped ver.JPG

Logo Evolution

Logo Evolution Snooze.jpg

High Fidelity Mockup

High fidelity snooze.png
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