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Project Overview

 I participated in a 3 day Design Jam at UW Bothell in which me and my group tackled the issue of lesson planning & communication among teachers.

Role                  Team               Duration              Deliverables

Lead UI & UX Design

Vlad, Robert, Jessica

February 19 - February 21, 2021

High Fidelity Mockup & PowerPoint

Design Steps Rundown

User Research               Persona                Competitive Analysis              Flow Chart Low           

Low Fidelity Mockup             High Fidelity Mockup             Prototype

User Research

message clipart.png


How can we design a product which can help teachers organize their plans more conveniently and allow easy communication among each other? Are there already products for this & what can we learn from them.


Create an easily accessible app which doubles as a planner and a central hub for assignments. Which sends written info to other commonly used school apps. 

Lean UX Canvas

Lean Canvas.jpg



Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis.JPG

User Research Take-Aways

  1. Many of the older teachers are not as tech-savvy as the younger one, hence will likely require additional UI assistance.

  2. There are planning apps available in the market, but none of them are directly targeted towards teachers. Meaning this is an untapped market. 

  3. Education is often affiliated with growth, same with the color green. So Ideally try to implement it into our color scheme.

  4. Prioritize inclusive design due to the cover both teacher markets


UI Design

Opening Page Figma.JPG

How do we incorporate inclusive UI design to give all teachers a comfortable user experience. Along with encourage them to continue using our app to communicate.



Minimize navigation to avoid information overload by loading the planning screen immediately after logging in. Have the calendar visually display planned dates, unplanned & possible overlapping assignments. Utilize soft colors along with green to symbolize growth.

Flow Chart

Flow Cart.JPG

Low Fidelity Mockup

Design Jam Feb 19th - Page 1 (5).png

Mid - High Fidelity Mockup Changes

Design Jam Low Fidelity vs High.png

High Fidelity Mockup

Design Jam Gif Fixed.gif
Design Jam Nav_edited.jpg
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